Hello everyone! You may already or may not know about this, but for some starters today I will be talking about a problem that appears in almost every level in several Amnesia Custom Stories.

For example, I will be using "castlebase" with some "mansionbase" static objects. Here's one screenshot of this problem:

This is seen, mostly because the static object's model is too wide to fit in smaller rooms like this one, which creates a collision effect between its railings and the walls.
A simple solution for this is scaling horizontally to make it thinner and to also avoid, as mentioned, the collision effect. Unfortunately, this makes it look rather unnatural and out of place.

Another simple but recommended workaround is to add extra walls so that the stairs could be (maybe) about 2 and a half feet away.
I recommend using short walls on the top and the normal, long ones in the bottom:

However, there is also enough space for the player to look underneath for certain items, secrets, and other things they might find added in your map.
If you are making descending and ascending staircases, it is recommended that you put block-filters beneath your stairs' railings.