Welcome to the help page of TRZBot! This page gives you specific
commands for the bot.

Prefix is: trz!



  • trz!dropit
  • You drop it like it's hot

  • trz!moonwalk
  • Do the moonwalk (also RIP Michael Jackson. you were the person
    who made pop great again)

  • trz!stankyleg
  • Makes you go wild and do the Stanky Leg


SE-related Commands

  • trz!cedrichm
  • Tells you information about CedricHM's 3-month development
    hiatus (officially stated by Shade Entertainment on Discord).

  • trz!nitelockrelease
  • Tells you to wait for Nitelock. This is to prevent questions
    being asked like "When will Nitelock release?"


  • trz!help
  • Links you to a webpage (which you are on now) with a list
    of commands.

  • trz!twitter
  • Links you to my Twitter page. If you follow me, thank you.
    It really means a lot if you do.