The Lost Family: Remastered is a mod created by Secretial (formerly SecretialXD) for Amnesia: The Dark Descent. The mod can be downloaded here.

Bad Qualities

  1. Using an obsolete method for playing music, which is using sound classes. I request the author(s) nicely: Give me a reason why you're not using the PlayMusic function. It's way more convenient than using sound classes.

  2. Puzzles were confusing so I had to use a YouTube tutorial. Speaking of puzzles, I had to do tons of backtracking which was a PAIN.

  3. Story and notes aren't that well-written because of grammar and unoriginality, but it could've been more interesting with a bit of spicing and improvements.

  4. The mod only has one map. In this case it's kinda laggy for other people but I had to turn down other settings before playing it.

Good Qualities

  1. Better map design than the original.

  2. Ending sequence looked interesting to me! It left me wanting to see more instead of the protagonist giving up about finding their family.

  3. The ambience is decent, though not really as "good" kind of decent.

Overall score: Maybe a 5.5 out of 10 (rounded to 6 out of 10). It's *almost* decent, so it's not that bad, but maybe this mod needs some improvements next time.